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R. Boyd McSparran

R. Boyd McSparran counsels small property owners on landlord/tenant issues, tenancies-in-common, condominium conversions, and general residential and commercial real property matters. Boyd also supervises the firm’s landlord/tenant litigation and rent control practice.

A 1991 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, and a student of The University of Edinburgh and Vermont Law School, Boyd earned his law degree from the University of California Hastings College of the Law in 1999 and joined the firm in 2000.

Having relinquished his rent-controlled apartment a few years ago, Boyd and his TIC partners have recently completed condo converting their own duplex in San Francisco.


Real Estate
Condominium Creation
Tenancies In Common
TIC & Condominium Dispute Resolution
Landlord / Tenant
LGBT Issues

Boyd can be contacted at (415) 673-5600 ext. 257, or via email at

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