Insurance Bad Faith Law


Has Your Insurance Claim Been Wrongfully Denied or Are You Having a Dispute with Your Insurer?

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When you suffer a loss, you count on your insurance comapny to make you whole again. Whether it was a home fire, disability insurance claim or life insurance problem, you buy insurance to protect you from the financial impact this can have on your life.

But what do you do if your insurance company denies your claim? Who do you turn to when they are arbitrarily, or on some spurious grounds, refusing to pay you for your loss?

In addition to Insurance Bad Faith Litigation, we have experience in a broad range of insurance-related issues including:

  • Insurance coverage issues;
  • Failure to pay for defense or to indemnify;
  • Long-term disability claims;
  • Business insurance;
  • Life insurance;
  • ERISA claims;
  • Homeowners’ insurance claims;
  • Landlords and property owners insurance litigation; and
  • Most other types of insurance law cases.

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